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Hello everyone!

I will be posting blogs about some of the finer and interesting adventures that I've been on as I walk through this lifetime!
~ Tuesday, July 29 ~


Series 3 - Human Nature

One of my top fave lines that Martha says xD

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~ Monday, July 28 ~

The Finer Little Things Part 3

Does anyone get that feel good feeling inside when your partner says they want to watch one of your favorite tv show or do one of your favorite things with you?

Hehe I just got that feeling when my man said he wanted to watch one of my favorite tv shows with me! XD

The little things he does, let’s me know we are better and stronger than ever

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The Finer Little Things Part 2

The kisses that leave their footprints on my forehead~

I enjoy those (^ _ ^)

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~ Tuesday, July 8 ~

The Finer Little Things part 1

Relationships. Some last and some don’t. Some have a bumpy start but can end up beautiful in the end. Some could have it all the in beginning then plot twist somewhere in the middle and then their ending is either a happy one or a bittersweet one.

My point being is that not all relationship stories are perfect right? Because there is no perfect being. If everyone was perfect, then the world would be a boring place.

I say this because based on my personal experiences I have been a small variety types of relationships. And each relationship has given me a token to walk away with. With this token i gained wisdom from that relationship.

As of right now all I’m willing to say is that I’m currently in a happy relationship that didn’t start out smooth. It was a bumpy ride in the beginning but hey! After some obstacles and some challenges we both faced, we were able to find each other again and we are now happy and ready to take on our adventure :)

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~ Sunday, July 6 ~

July 6th is International Kissing Day?!

Today’s International Kissing Day?! Wuuuuut?!

Well then!

I’m glad I got to have breakfast with my bae and get kisses in (^_^)

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~ Saturday, July 5 ~

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Guess who’s back on tumblr!? XD

Hey guise!! Yep! Lil’ol’me is back after being hiatus for a while xP

So much has happened in the last few months that I’ve been gone away. I’m not sure where to begin, but I just wanted to tell you all that I am in a happier place (haha no more reading sad dark blogs of mine xD) and that I’m still alive! I’ll be posting some stuff soon :)



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~ Tuesday, September 24 ~

Late Night Thoughts 2013 #12: Puffy eyes…

first convo.
second convo

long talks
space and time
watching distance
missing piece

holding on.
slowly losing.
lost my chance.
missing piece again.
night dreams
past self.
heart breaking.
sleep it off
tears flowing
cried self to sleep.


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~ Sunday, September 22 ~

Late Night Thoughts 2013 #11

So I’ve been trying to not overthink too much lately. I am aware that once in a while I would slip back to my little old habit. But hey! It’s not as frequent as it was before! Can I say progress?! :)

However, I think I’m having one of those days/moment when I notice that I’m always constantly feeling this ‘sinking’ feeling whenever a past relationship topic gets brought up… Okay, okay, okay! I know I’m being ridiculous and maybe sensitive, but I can’t help the fact that my mind would suddenly jump to the “what if” door that I have in my head!  Maybe the sinking feeling I’m getting is because I’m thinking about ”what if …”:
-I had never been able to get that chance to be with you.
-I had lost my chance because you had actually found someone else
-I never have met you…
Yes, those are the three main “what ifs” that are constantly behind that what if door I have in my head and it does make me sad to think about.

On days like this I feel like I’m somehow mentally bracing and preparing myself for that one day I’m dreading.


Lately when I’m not having down days like this, I’m only thinking about today and taking it in on step at a time. I tell myself that it’s going to be okay and that patience is the key right now… 

Using all my strength and willpower to hold on still.


I have very strong feelings for this person. Maybe one day, he’ll meet me where I’m standing halfway.

One day~ :]

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~ Monday, May 6 ~

Late Night Thoughts 2013 #10

Where do I go from here?! I just let go the one person who I really care about go… that feeling i had a while back was right… they are the one that got away. I’m back to emo mode. eeeeeffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!